An intrinsic passion.
A Return to the Sources.
A conviction and obsession of the primitive.

travelled around Primitive Art now named “ Art premier “ or “ 1st Art “ by the grand collectors. Had a call at a young age and went to the Dogon land in Mali which was a first revelation. Was searching for the root that had inspired Picasso, Modigliani and others. Dreaming of Malraux , his journeys and essays.I had a personal deep quest about the Origins.

Since a journey in Spain reconnecting with Tribal Art dealers, I have explored the “Parcours des Mondes “ and the “ Bruneaf “ over eight years. Have discovered the art of multiple Africas , pre- Colombian, northern-American, and of the Pacific Islands and Indonesia.
With my pencil as a tool drawing them, fast, organically.

Through Masks and Statues . An ancestral Truth still of actuality. A spirituality intact that nourishes the world. Convinced of it’s importance. Beyond these primitive world themselves.

Their Magic.
Their Rituals.
Their Duende.