...About me

...Self - taught.
...Since ever passionate with painting and drawing. Paints since childhood
and never ceased.
Great traveller. Transcripts the world into images and impressions.
Passionnate and intrigued with the human beeing, his facets. His masks,
his emotions, his expressions. And with ethnic diversity.
...Coming from the Theater, I have composed and observed characters.
With accurate , sharp look and line. Onirism and cruelty watch over humans.
I have acted, interpretated, drawn them. A story - teller.

...Very impregnated by Surrealism, Symbolism, and Expressionnism that to me remain beyond currents true foundations.

...Some would call it “Magical Realism “ or “ Fabulous Realism “referring to latin-american or Haitian litterature and culture

... A Life style..