Poetry - Texts

Poetry is my Skeleton. Trunk.
Drawings, Paintings, Films are branches of that Tree.

Writing is my skeleton.
As writing is, in the Essence. Vital pulse.

Paintings, colours, films...
Are fleshes and Fruits.

Since my adolescence,
And more every day since my staying in New-York , 2001 I write.
Write and write..a daily onirical and poetical personal “column “, filled with observations, depictions, dreams, study of characters, reflections and reflexions.
A surrealist and symbolist vision of Life.

A “novel “ or navel : “ HAITI ou l’Echappee Belle” : “HAITI or the Beautiful Escape “
Autobiographical narrative of a Journey in Haiti. Poetical prose.Obsessed with the permanent,ceaseless, acute links between dream and “reality “. Manifestation to the real in the course of days...

Poems in multitude.

1 - “ Les Enfants d’Aton “ : “Children of Aton “
2 - “ Me Gustaria “ : “ I Wish “ ,which I have used on stage. Among others...